Meet Our Yoga Teachers

Each member of the Rare teaching team has been personally chosen for their passion, dedication and expertise. Highly trained, they bring their unique skills and personality, playfulness and curiosity, to every intelligently planned and brilliantly executed class.




Founder • Teacher • Student
"When you think you know, look again. "

My powerful and creative teaching provides space for students to pursue their practice with heart, intensity and drive. As a technical teacher, I am passionate about form and I am endlessly inspired to harness the subtleties of the energetic body to defy gravity and move fluidly through space.




Founder • DJ • Health Coach
"EFD - Every F%@king Day"

I love all things movement, music and the outdoors. I am very passionate about my own health and any insights I discover through my own journey, I happily share through yoga.




Breathwork Facilitator • Educator • Mentor
"Between stimulus and response there is a space."

Welcoming all, I am a space holder with a dream to heal. Fascinated by the way emotions and subtle energies manifest in the body and mind. I use the tools that I have picked up along the way to cater to the uniqueness we each have and move out of suffering.




World Traveller • Spirited Dancer
"If the light is in your heart, you will find your way home."

A Tantra yogi at her core, my classes are eclectic in nature. Slow, deep & powerful with a dash of rhythm and delivered with all heart. Methodical in my approach to reshaping our energetic field to return to the vast homeland of the spirit.




Teacher • Anatomy Facilitator
"Get comfortable in the unknowing."

I discovered yoga by accident in London in the early 2000s. This happy accident turned serious, and over 20 years later I am a certified anatomy nerd, Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist, pole dancer, and cat enthusiast.




Facilitator • Author • Story Teller
"Pade Pade"

With the heart of a yogi and the soul of a storyteller, I love creating community, experiences and art, across many forms, in a compelling, authentic and playful way. Passionate about collaborating and connecting, I believe we should thrive not survive. I love the conscious act of making, reminding people of who and what they are, and empowering them to discover their joy.




Teacher • Personal Trainer
"Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame."

My classes are inspired by traditional practices with a touch of Modern Movement and my personal training background adds a unique edge. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring National Parks, swimming in the ocean or curling up with a good book.




Zen Thai Therapist • Breath Facilitator
"Full Body Yes."

All days begin with an ocean baptism. After, there is yoga. I am a curator and creator of internal journeys via the love language of breath and body. I am devoted to the simple joy of presence and marrying a sea-rich lifestyle with my work.




Teacher • Ocean Swimmer
"Whatever is for you won't pass you by."

I am a passionate and energetic teacher, ocean swimmer and lover of all things outdoors. My background in construction means I am a whiz at building structures and poses alike.




Teacher • Photographer • Tea Ceremony
We're all just walking each other home.

Aries sun, cancer moon - ocean water baby - always running 5 mins late - can cook a pretty good roast chicken - pasta + chocolate is life - nature is my muse - love my people - happy to be here.




Personal Trainer • Musician • Photographer
"Without discipline, there is no balance."

The tools of Yoga have helped me through the most difficult moments in my life and have helped me to develop a resilience and mental fortitude that I hope to share with the world. “Yoga uses the body to discipline the mind and to reach the soul.”




Holistic Nutritionist • Fitness Instructor
"By letting go, it all gets done."

Raj is yoga teacher, nutritionist and founder of fitness method: BURN. She has recently returned to Oz after living in NYC. Her classes are designed to reorient the individual back to themselves, the place inside where all the good stuff resides.




Yoga teacher, Vedic Meditator, Student
Pursue the obstacle. It will set you free.

Vedic meditator for the last 16 years, I brought my spiritual practice to a physical level when 7 years ago I began my yoga journey. Yoga has taught me the art of intelligent use of energy and connected me with an incredible community worldwide.




Fitness trainer, Pre and Postnatal coach, Mat pilates instructor
Be the change you wish to see in the world....

My passion for movement stems from my career as a dancer and I believe all movement truely is medicine. I'm passionate in the pre and postnatal space I invite you to face the challenge but be kind to yourself in the process


About Rare Founders

Introducing the founders behind Rare: Noelle Connolly and Christian Ralston. Combining a diverse and unique set of skills, this powerhouse team is on a mission to inspire individuals to connect their dots and lead healthier, happier lives. It's all about raising awareness for reaching excellence – RARE.

Through their innovative approach to movement and community, they are dedicated to nurturing their community, encouraging students to strive for greatness and creating a space that is accessible, supportive, and transformative.