Facilitator • Author • Story Teller

"Pade Pade"

Over the past two decades, Rachael has written, produced and performed in film, television and created award-winning theatre in Australia, the UK and the US. A presenter on Play School for over a decade now, she’s graced the stage and screen for thousands of ecstatic toddlers and starred in Australia’s most loved dramas, developed engaging television for kids, and written award-winning theatre for the complex brains of teenagers.

She’s shared the movement and philosophy of yoga and mindfulness with stressed out urbanites, explored the incredible stories of young people in the remote Northern Territory, and used both the creative, and mindfulness practices, to inspire and educate leaders in the corporate space.

Her kid’s series “Moodies”, exploring big feelings in little people, is available on ABC iView. She is a regular contributor to Wellbeing Magazine, and released her first book “Find Your Strength”- practical advice to survive life’s battlefields based on the yoga philosophy. Her second book “Paris For Beginners” will be released in April 2023.

She believes in facing life’s challenges with creativity, humour and practice, and is eternally grateful for all her teachers.