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Rare Flow classes move fluidly through a creative sequence of postures chosen to cultivate strength, flexibility, movement and balance. Physically and mentally challenging, each class links movement to breath but varies in style and intensity according to teacher.

Who is it for? Rare Flow classes are recommended for those with prior yoga experience.



Rare Foundations classes are designed to steadily build your yoga practice. Fun and challenging, they build stamina and flexibility with a focus on alignment and technique.

Who is it for? Rare Foundations classes are recommended for beginners and those who want to confidently and safely progress their practice.


Chill Flow

Rare Chill classes meld a liquid flow with slow transitions and gentle holds. Designed to relax and rejuvenate, you'll leave feeling calm, steady and centred.

Who is it for? All welcome. Chill classes are the perfect complement more vigorous practices like running, strength training and cycling.



Rare Yin classes progress through a series of floor-based postures designed to calm the mind, stimulate the organs and promote mobilisation of the fascia.

Who is it for? All welcome. Yin classes help to balance more vigorous practices like running, strength training and cycling.



Rare Recovery classes combine stretching with movement, self-massage, and myofascial release techniques to stimulate circulation, increase mobility, promote tissue recovery, and build resilience in the body.

Who is it for? All welcome. Rare Recovery classes are great for athletic movers (runners, cyclists, weight training, surfing, and more), and anyone with a tight, stiff body.


Super Chill

Rare Super Chill is the ultimate Yin Yoga experience. Class explores calming breath work, restorative, long-hold stretches and NSDR (non-sleep, deep rest). The gentle pace lowers the resting heart rate and allows the shift into the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) – helping to de-stress, reduce anxiety and recover from physical activity.

Who is it for? The perfect practice for relaxation and recovery, whether you’ve had a big day at work, been training hard, or need time to chill.

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