April 15, 2023

The Foundations of Our Yoga Trainings

When we were putting together our yoga trainings, we had some conversations with our experienced facilitators about what is important to us as a team at Rare. We wanted to make sure that our values are reflected in how we teach and share yoga with our students.

What Do We Value?

Authenticity: True, Real, Honesty.

  • We value authenticity, emphasising honesty, genuineness, and being true to oneself in all aspects of the training.

Leadership: Service, Intentionality.

  • We believe in cultivating leadership skills that serve the greater good, by emphasising service and intentionality in one's practice, teaching and overall approach to life.

Inclusion: Compassion, Love, Support, Community.

  • We prioritise creating a supportive, compassionate, and loving community where everyone feels seen, heard, and included.

Curiosity: Humility: Humor, Openness.

  • We foster a culture of curiosity, encouraging humility, humour, and openness as key values to approach learning and growth.

Accountability: Discipline, Dependability.

  • We value discipline and dependability, emphasising the importance of accountability for oneself and others in a learning environment.

Kindness: Generosity, Understanding.

  • We prioritise kindness, generosity, and understanding in our interactions with others, recognising that everyone is on their own unique journey.

Our 200 hour yoga teacher training is led by master teacher Noelle Connolly and enriched with the knowledge of the expert Rare team. Our trainings transform passionate students into confident and connected teachers, who are dedicated to expanding their personal yoga practice, and have the skills to lead classes with intelligence, compassion and humour.

Check out our latest line up of yoga trainings here.

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