May 18, 2023

Longer Yoga Classes – Why We Love Them

Did you know that we hold 75 and 90 minute Rare Flow and Next Level yoga classes every day? While the record for the longest yoga session is over 60 hours, most of us are more familiar with a 60 minute class. So why do we love a longer practice?

An hour class is efficient. You can squeeze it in before work and feel the invigoration of an open body and clear mind while seated at your desk. Or dive in at the end of the day and go home calm, ready to enjoy the blissful sleep that rewards exertion. But 90 minutes on a yoga mat expands your limits – the physical, mental and emotional.

When Maty Ezraty studied with Sri Pattabhi Jois in the 80s, daily practice was often two hours or longer. Drop into an Ashtanga class today and you might just get through the Full Primary Series in an hour and a half. Iyengar, on the other hand, advocated that we all strive to practice “any amount” – focusing more on the commitment to practice daily rather than  the time hanging in downward dog.

While few of us can spend the whole morning in a leisurely roll-out, regularly adding an extra 15-30 minutes on your mat means a huge transformation for your practice. While only incrementally longer, the format allows you to prepare your body for more challenging postures and complex movement patterns. It gives you the opportunity to refine key skills and increase your stamina, improving cardiovascular fitness. It also gives you space to drop into a state of flow.

Find our 75 and 90 minute Rare Flow and Rare Next Level Yoga Classes on the studio schedule daily here.

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