Yoga Teacher & Facilitator

Persia Juliet is a teacher trainer and international retreat host, specializing in Yin, Theming & Planetary Vinyasa. Her passion for teaching is greatly influenced by energetic anatomy, the link between emotions and organs, astrology and lunar cycles. While she loves smooth sequencing, her attention leans towards theming to topics such as the Deities, Chakras, Meridians and the Elements.

Persia took her first 350hr Yoga training in L.A, 2005.  From teaching her first class back in Vancouver, Canada she was hooked! Witnessing the speed of transformation within herself and her students through the practices of yoga, left her in awe and seeking to know more. She immediately left her job advising in herbal medicine & natural nutrition and jumped head first into full-time Yoga teaching. After meeting her goal of teaching full-time for 1yr, Persia left Canada in 2006 and went on to teach in Aotearoa and Australia for 10 yrs.

During this time she furthered her education with Baron Baptist Vinyasa TT, Les Leventhal Sequencing TT, Ana Forrest Advanced TT, Vedic Meditation Advanced, Sarah Powers Yin TT and Jo Phees Yin TT. Currently living in Bali, with her beloved dog Sundari, Persia has moved almost all offerings to online. It’s never too late to pursue your passions and seek a deeper connection to this incredible gift we call life.