Going Deeper with Joan Hyman

19 Apr
9:00 am
21 Apr
6:00 pm
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Going Deeper is a 3 day training with international teacher and Rare favourite Joan Hyman from The School of Yoga. Over 25 hours we will explore the tools needed to stay dedicated to the yogic disciplines that can elevate consciousness and ultimately lead to more awareness and self exploration.

The practice of yoga is taught in a progressive way for a reason. As we progress in our practice, we need more tools to go deeper. Challenging postures show us where we hold resistance that can block us from expanding our consciousness. In this training, we will review the subtle body and learn how to integrate it into our asana practice which can create deep transformational shifts.

Friday – Understanding the nature of our hips.

Our hips are the fulcrum point of our bodies and hold the element of water, known as flow. We will open with a grounding practice understanding how to center the pelvis so we can ultimately move with more ease. We will explore the state of flow in a vinyasa flow class and how we can use the breath and other meditation techniques to create a heightened state of awareness. Joan will also introduce the koshas on this day and explain how to reach the higher states of what is known as the Vijnanamaya-kosha.

Saturday – Going Up!

We will continue our exploration of the subtle body blended with Asana and move towards inversions! Inversions are powerful asanas that help us elicit out bandhas and lift prana upwards. We will explore the shoulder girdle and how this can help to enhance the vayu known as Udana helping us to move freely in our neck and shoulders. There are many benefits to inverting which we will explore on this day and create a heightened state of awareness leading to a meditation.

Sunday – The Bliss Body

The Bliss Body is known as our innermost layer, a place where we can truly reside in our hearts. What does it look like to reside in your heart center? We will open with a backbend practice to enhance the higher chakras before moving into pranayama. Pranayama is the gateway to our hearts and ultimately these practices teach us about balance. As we bring the opposites together we learn to see the Oneness in everything and this is how we are guided to the heart of our yoga practice.

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Dates and Timings

9:00 am - 6:00 pm daily

Friday 19 - Sunday 21 April 2024




Seagull Room - Bondi Pavilion, Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

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