Rare Book Club - "Find Your Strength" by Rachael Coopes

Free for Members or $20
15 Feb
6:45 pm
15 Feb
8:15 pm
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Rare Book Club Presents: "Find Your Strength" by Rachael Coopes

Dive deep into the insights and perspectives shared in "Find Your Strength." Engage in interactive discussions, share your viewpoints, and listen to diverse interpretations. Light nibbles and soft drinks will be provided.

Date: Thursday, 15th February

Time: 6:45 - 8:15 pm

Location: Gertrude & Alice Book Store, Hall St, Bondi Beach

Cost: Free for Members or $20

How can I participate?

  • Buy your book (place an order through G&A; you can pick it up in store with a free coffee or have it delivered to the studio)
  • Read it by the scheduled book club evening
  • Share your insights, partake in a group discussion or listen to each other’s perspectives

About the Book - “Find Your Strength: Sensible Advice to Prepare Yourself for Life's Battlefield"

Sometimes there is no other option than to fight. But where do we find the courage when we haven't any left?

Find Your Strength is a guide to becoming a warrior and thriving on the battlefield of life by actor, PlaySchool presenter and award-winning writer Rachael Coopes. Introducing ancient wisdom in a fun and modern way, as well as sharing some inspiring personal survival stories, this witty, wise and practical manual will help you feel stronger and more invincible than you ever thought possible.

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